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Why web directories are making a comeback in 2022?

Posted Sep 03, 2022 | Visits: 2303
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As a business owner you get tired seeing search engines showing between 100-150 for any business search, with most of them being corporate sites like Amazon, while your business is nowhere to be found. That's why web directories are becoming trendy again. Some places where users can search for potential business services providers in a free environment.

Business owners want their services and products to be found and honestly , in 2022, search engines are not very good at that. How many times did you search for something very specific only to be presented with a lot of results that have nothing to do with your search but because they come from "reputable" corporate websites the search engines show them.

So how can business owners and clients can fix this mismatch ? By using independent dedicated smaller search engines and internet directories are just that. These days most of the web directories have complex search methods, looking for answers to visitors queries inside an active dataset.

Active! That's another problem of major search engines. They not only present unrelated answers but also a lot of dead answers, websites no longer active, abandoned, etc. In contrast a web directory is mostly made by content added by active business owners, people that want their business to be found, people that are actively providing a service or a product.

In September 2022 the Business Connect Directory was launched, aiming to answers to those exact problems that i was describing earlier. So you are welcome to add your business and connect with potential clients (regular customers or other business owners) by using Business Connect Directory.

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