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Exlibris - Library Impact, Research Outcomes, Student Engagement

Posted Nov 16, 2022 | Visits: 1355
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We recognize that DEI has become a major focus of our institutions. We embrace the power of our people and services to stand against bias and inequity. We are committed to strengthening our diverse and inclusive workforce, working with those within our communities, and continuing to create products that serve everyone equitably

Technology Approach
We deliver services that are built for and serve everyone equally. Both processes and technology are used to prevent, detect, respond, solve, and mitigate any issues that may present themselves within our services.

Examine metadata and restrict objectionable content
Conduct periodic reviews of search and ranking algorithms
Test and perform adjustments to suppress objectionable word associations and content
Enable customer reporting and feedback opportunities
Obtain external input from third-party consultants

Community Collaboration
We draw on our strong relationships with members of the library community and our local networks to ensure that our pursuits reflect community values and are representative of diverse populations.

Receive guidance and feedback from our user groups
Collaborate and consult with individual libraries
Participate in industry standards organizations
Work together with content providers
Contribute to library and non-library philanthropic endeavors

We value employee differences — in thought, style, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, age, culture, ethnicity, experience, and more – and recognize that these differences drive innovation and strengthen our products and services.

Recruit and hire top talent from all backgrounds with a fair, expansive, and equitable recruiting process
Leverage policies, programs, and cross-functional teams to support diversity
Conduct training to build a more inclusive culture, focused on diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, proper interviewing and selection, and more
Promote and host cultural celebrations and events throughout our worldwide offices
Encourage and support the creation of internal affinity groups through participation, funding, and guidance
Provide development opportunities for all employees to enable future growth and advancement

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