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IT Operations Management Best Practices

Posted Mar 22, 2023 | Visits: 389
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IT operations have always served as the infrastructure’s watchdogs and first responders, but they now do much more. ITOps experts are incorporated into build/run product teams where they will share ownership and accountability with the development team, testers, and system administrators.

What change might be the most challenging for an experienced ITOps professional? Production is no longer owned by IT. Today, development and the production environment work together. Embrace integrated product teams at this point. If they haven’t already, they will change the way you work since they are here to stay.

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In summary, the ITOps team’s job is evolving, and the changes are not minor. Your capacity as an ITOps specialist to adopt new practices and adapt to this new environment will determine your ability to benefit the company.

What is ITOM (IT Operation Management)?
A company’s infrastructure supporting its business services is set up, designed, configured, deployed, and maintained through various processes known together as ITOM or IT Operations Management. ITOM, to put it simply, is how your company manages its IT environment. ITOM keeps your IT running, including everything from network security, configuration, and monitoring to devices, apps, and staff. Typically, ITOM uses many technologies to manage each of these processes separately.

ITOM Best Practices:
The emergence of cross-functional product teams in contemporary digital businesses is one of the most significant trends we are witnessing in the world of IT operations. Project teams are making way for product teams. Product teams create the products they own in the production setting.

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